Desi Air Force One -Narendra Modi to get new Air India One aircraft which can dodge missiles attacks

The prime minister of India is set to get a brand new Air India One aircraft, much like US President Barack Obama's Air Force One. While the Indian prime minister has been travelling on an ageing Boeing 747 so far, Air India One's aircraft will be upgraded to a state-of-the art Boeing 777-300.
PM Modi, who has made as many as 40 foreign trips in the two years since taking charge, may soon get a taste of flying in this advanced aircraft fitted with the latest in technology.
According to exclusive details available with Aaj Tak, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is likely to finalise the deal of two new Boeing 777-300s in the Defence Acquisition Council meeting to be held on June 25.
The VIP Boeing 747 jumbo jet, which has been serving VVIP's for two decades, will be replaced by a plush and highly-secure Boeing 777-300s which shall be renamed as Air India One. Â
With PM Modi high on the target list of various terror groups, the aircraft will be equipped with hi-tech security equipment.
Air Commodore Prashant Dixit (retired), a defence analyst, says the aircraft is made of special radar-absorbing metal. The plane is equipped with technology that can dodge enemy radar and also retaliate in case of an air attack.
Aircraft Specifications
Equipped with the latest communication facilities
Can withstand grenade and rocket attack
Can dodge and jam enemy radar
Anti-missile defence systems
Its robust defence systems including radar warning receivers and missile-approach warning systems
Can store food for 2,000 people
Air-air refuelling facilities in case of emergency
Doctors available 24x7
An operating theatre for emergency surgery
Broadband, radio and telecom connections
19 TV sets
A number of tools for official work
The 777-300s will also have an executive office and bedroom.

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