Dirt Cheap Airfare – 5 Easy Ways to Get Dirt Cheap Airfare

If you want to know how to get dirt cheap airfare tickets and save a bunch of money, then you will find this article helpful and interesting. Many people are paying too much for their plane tickets, because they don't know how and where to find dirt cheap airfare prices.

I'm confident these 5 simple tips will help you obtain the lowest airfare possible.

1. Compare the prices of the smaller airlines with the bigger ones. More often, you will find that less-known airlines offer cheaper tickets. Many of these smaller airlines are only valid for local travel though, but some may also cater to international flights.

2. Do your homework and study the prices of various airlines. Go to different travel websites and take note of the prices of flights on various dates, and choose one with the right combination of price and convenience.

Some of the websites that can help you search for dirt cheap airfare include: Farecast.com, Cheapflights.com, Expedia.com, and Travelocity.com.

If you plan to avail of certain accommodations or services, check if there are bargain packages offered by airlines. This can save you a great deal of money.

3. Airfare prices are not constant. You could grab a much lower price if you arrive or depart on a certain date than on other dates. Flying a day (or a few days) earlier or later could result in a significantly inexpensive airfare.

4. Talk to a travel agent. They know where to locate dirt cheap airfare deals and could find you some hidden airfare bargain. If you're looking for an affordable offer, they could help you get an airfare, hotel, and tour service package at one low rate. This is way cheaper than if you buy them all individually. They ask for a service fee, but the money you save from their effort more than offsets this charge.

5. Use a credit card that lets you accumulate points and miles. Some people pay very cheap airfare (or none at all) because they take advantage of their miles. Financial specialists tell you to avoid using your credit card because you might get into debt; but if you properly plan your budget and pay your credit card on time, you could enjoy huge savings on your airfare.

Use these 5 simple tips and take advantage of dirt cheap airfare without the hassles. Bon voyage!

Source by Michael Lee

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