Dirt Cheap Airfare

One of the most common and fastest ways of traveling in this age is by air, and why wouldn't it be? Traveling by air is fast, convenient, comfortable (for the most part) and recently, airport security has been tighter than usual. So what's there not to like or be safe about? Well let me tell you, it's the prices. With neighbouring countries, it shouldn't cost that much, but with countries much further, you'll have something much bigger than just a hole in your pocket. So this article will inform you, on a few methods of obtaining and sourcing for super cheap airfare.

Firstly, always look out for search engines that are specifically made for booking airline tickets. If you take the time to search, you can surely find a good deal inside, and thus save you money on a piece of ticket, which in my opinion is just wasteful.

Secondly, be flexible. For one thing, if you get a really good price on a ticket, beggars can't be choosers, and if the ticket is out of your timing, make it within your timing! After all, you don't get a deal like that all the time. And another thing, sometimes, for these sort of flights, they might request that you give up your seat for a later flight (sometimes being that the whole flight is usually booked). In this case you might get a free ticket as well. What can get any better?

Lastly, if you know any travel agents as your relatives as your friends, you can always push them to give you a much better price than they put commercially. They might earn less, but if it's helping a superbly good friend or relative like yourself, why not? Also, you can opt to skip the agencies and go straight to the airline ticketing. It will definitely ease some of the pain that your wallet and heart will go through.

In conclusion, there are actually numerous ways of getting super cheap airfare, and while it does take some effort and some sacrifice to get it, let me assure you, it's well worth the trouble. Paying too much for a piece of paper has never been a wise choice, but redirecting the money to your leisure is definitely wiser. All in all, I hope you have learned something useful in this article, and go get those cheap tickets!

Source by Miharu Hamasagi

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