Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets

None of us want to spend great amount of money on vacations and each one of us looking to find dirt cheap airline tickets. There are few tips that can possibly help find you the one you are perhaps looking for and these are:

The Internet is by far the best place to research and book flights. One can compare cheap airfares from no-frills airlines, chartered and regular scheduled airline flights.

Thumb rule as we all say is book early much a head, two to three months buying in advance is normal in high season. For low and should season which are generally not holiday periods buying at least 21days advance may help to get cheap fares.

Always have patience to shop around and it really takes enough amounts of hours to search to find the best and the cheapest.

Be as flexible as much as you can in regard to travel dates, fly mid-week rather than over the weekends which tend to be more expensive. Compare cheap airfares with selecting different options to find dirt cheap airline tickets.

Checking on all major travel sites online and the airlines may perhaps help you find your ravel deals. Try consolidator travel agents own sites, which may have less presence on the net but may have cheap airfare to offer you to buy them.

One should not forget to take into account surcharges, taxes and other related ticket fees when looking for flights. Since gas prices going over the roof, the airlines are losing money and in turn passing on these fuel surcharges on to the air travel tickets.

Buying dirt cheap airline tickets from no-frill low cost airlines may be attractive but in case of delay or cancellations you are left on your own as they do not have enough alternate flights and other airlines will not accept heavy discounted tickets. With a traditional regular carrier you will have less of a problem in case of delay or cancellations of flights since they have more flights to take you on or can arrange to transfer on to other airlines as well.


Source by Kheri Chawla

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