DISASTER Royal Air Maroc Flight Report Brussels to Casablanca Boeing 737-800 1080p HD SamyTravels

This .. airline, we could not fly because ”the plane was too small”
so 60 passengers could not fly ..the passengers need
to stay in a hotel and wait for the evening flight… or go home.
When I was younger I was flying this airline so many times but
this is why I stopped flying Royal Air Maroc seriously this is
like the 1000th time things like this happen with Royal Air Maroc! They are so irresponsible…The passengers started to get angry because there was nobody from RAM in the airport even the
ticket office was closed.. EVERY time I fly this company these things happen or worse than this!! I already thought it was weird because my booking said we were flying a Boeing 767-300 at first but then suddenly a Boeing 737. It’s because the evening flight was empty so they wanted to make sure that both flights were full and more passengers go on the evening flight.. I finally got on the evening flight with bad service, bad food and the plane was quite late. . I just wanted to start flying this company more often because I stopped when I was younger because of all the stress and horrible moments with RAM but they cleary have not changed at all. I still have to fly from Casablanca to Brussels and I am not looking forward to fly with RAM again.

Flight Info :
Airline: Royal Air Maroc
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Flight: morning flight AT 838, evening flight AT 845
Class: Economy Class
Seat : 10A
From : Brussel(s) Zaventem Airport
Destination: Casablanca Mohamed V International Airport Morocco
Flight Time : 03:15
Camera : Canon EOS 550D + iPhone


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