Discount International Airfares – Tips and Tricks to Get Them

Being single and carefree and having lots of friends overseas. I am constantly searching for discount international airfares. I am a bargain hunter, therefore it's not the tough economics that make me choose to spend wisely on traveling, I just do not enjoy having to pay more if I can get it for less. Here are three tips to ensure you have a wonderful holiday at half the price:

1. Plan your trip in advance.

Planning always gives you an advantage in that you have more chance to find cheaper hotel rates and discount airfare tickets which are available for early birds. For flights, more especially, you pay a lot less if you book your tickets weeks ahead. Sometimes I even book flights months in advance if I can afford to.

2. Surf the net.

The internet is the best place to look for cheap airfares. The World Wide Web provides easy access to sites that offer airfare discounts. It is also quite convenient because you can find the cheapest airfare in the comfort of your home and it's available 24/7 as well.

You can also get notifications when airfare deals are being offered if you subscribe to the newsletters of the sites that constantly monitor the lowest airfares to a particular city. This airfare watch is very important when you are looking for discount international airfares.

3. Pick a different airport

The airfare to a major international airport is usually less than the airfare to a non-major one. Therefore, if you're traveling to an airport that's not a major hub, you might actually be better off flying to a nearby airport. Even when you have to pay the extra cost of getting from that airport to your final destination by car or other transport, it can still be much cheaper than the airfare to the major airport.

Source by Aimee Taylor

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