DPP legislator urges investigation into election season discount plane tickets from China

DPP Legislator Chen Chi-mai is urging the Central Election Commission to investigate reports of Taiwanese business associations in China helping members acquire discount plane tickets to return to Taiwan to vote. Chen is concerned that the Chinese government is funding the tickets to facilitate voting by a bloc that typically favors pan blue candidates. At an assembly to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the director of the Shanghai Association of Taiwan announced good news for members who want to return to Taiwan to vote.Hector Yeh (Oct. 21)Shanghai Association of TaiwanAt the end of the month tickets will be available that will cost no more than 2,000 renminbi. Another person helping get out the vote among Taiwanese businesspeople is the director of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland. Kuo Shan-hui (Sept. 6)Taiwan Enterprises AssociationWho is from Taipei, Taichung or Taoyuan? Get their names and help them sign up for group discount tickets.DPP Legislator Chen Chi-mai believes that the discounted tickets are courtesy of the Chinese government.Chen Chi-maiDPP Legislator(In 2012), after voting the plane tickets were returned to the Shanghai Association of Taiwan. The association then applied for reimbursement from China’s Taiwan Affairs Office. They are using this method again to mobilize support. Only people from two localities qualify: Taipei and Taichung.Chen believes the discounted tickets show that the Chinese government is interfering in Taiwan’s upcoming elections. He is urging the Central Election Commission to investigate.


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