DRAGON TRIANGLE Japan – UFO, Ghost Ships, Missing Planes… (Full Documentary HD)


Bermuda Triangle is a strange triangular area on the Atlantic ocean where many ships sailing through it or planes passing over it have disappeared without a trace. In few of such cases where wrecks could be found, the crew had vanished. And such incidents have been happening since centuries.

The Japanese call it the Ma-no Umi: the Sea of the Devil. Often compared to the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon’s Triangle is an area where sea-going vessels and aircraft allegedly mysteriously disappear. Besides disappearing planes and ships, phenomena that are linked to the Dragon’s Triangle include ghost ships, USOs, lapses in time, and electronic equipment malfunctions. Some writers, including Charles Berlitz3, even link the Dragon’s Triangle to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

Investigations into the Devil’s Sea

Probably the most extensive investigation into the Dragon’s Triangle was performed by author Charles Berlitz. In his book, “The Dragon’s Triangle” (1989), Berlitz reports that in the years from 1952 to 1954, five Japanese military vessels were lost in the triangle with personnel totaling over 700 people. He also writes that the Japanese government labeled the area a danger zone and then funded a team of 100 scientists to study the Devil’s Sea. According to Berlitz, when their vessel, the Kaiyo Maru No 5 disappeared, Japan aborted the study.

However, in 1995, Larry Kusche published “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved” and reported that his research found that Berlitz’s military vessels were mostly fishing vessels, some lost outside the Dragon’s Triangle. Kusche also wrote that the Japanese research vessel carried not 100 personnel, but 31 and that an undersea volcano destroyed it on September 24, 1952. The Japanese government later recovered some of the ship’s wreckage.

Kusche’s research points to indications that volcanoes, seismic events and other natural occurrences cause most of the “paranormal” activity within the Dragon’s Triangle.The Dragon’s Triangle is a very volcanically active area; small islands in the area frequently disappear and new islands appear due to both volcanoes and seismic activity.

Legends of the Dragon’s Triangle

Contrary to some pop culture belief3, 5, neither the Dragon’s Triangle nor the Bermuda Triangle is located on the agonic line, where the magnetic north equals the geographic north. The position of the agonic line varies with time and at present the North American section of the line is drifting westward4. Moreover, because neither location is plotted on any official world map, the sizes and the perimeters of both the Dragon’s Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle vary from author to author.

Ancient legends, some dating back to 1000 B.C.E. tell of dragons that lived off the coast of Japan5 and presumably, that is how the area became known as the Dragon’s Triangle. The fire-breathing monsters of legend may well have been volcanic eruptions.
Lost Planes & Ships in Bermuda Triangle
Here are some of the most amazing stories of planes and ships that disappeared while crossing the triangle area. As you visit the links, you will also see my findings behind such great mysteries of all times. In most cases I have discussed and explained the possible causes, in some cases I have also given excerpts from official reports that were produced by US Navy, US Air Force or US Coast Guards after completing the search operations. And in several cases, I have given updates on further findings.

Flight 19: The Avenger planes of Flight-19 took off from the U.S Naval Base of Florida for a routine training session on an afternoon of December 1945, but strangely this time they never returned.

PBM Martin Mariner: When all hopes for the above Flight-19 planes were quickly fading, two Martin Mariner planes (flying boats) were sent by US Navy to search them out. One came back, but the other didn’t. Read the full story to know what happened.

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