Duna on the cheap…


After Jeb’s failed mission to find Pokemon on Eeloo (the lack of 4g coverage rendered the results inconclusive) the space agency is now officially broke. Seeing as it was entirely his fault Jeb’s been volunteered to test unknown and probably highly dangerous SSTO technology aimed at preventing the accountants from committing mutiny. The idea is that all elements deployed in the mission are re-usable, the only expense being black market rocket fuel smuggled in from the mainland. If these newfangled contraptions work the minister in charge might not have to be blackmailed after all.

I know this bit normally gets shoved down the end but for our soundtrack this week I’ve got an extra special treat for you all. I’ve been collaborating with a fantastic local musician who performs under the name; Aporia. He’s composed a joyous extended mix of his song Stereo Moon purely for this video! I implore you all to show your love and support to this young artist, and please give generously if you do decide to download his songs.

The Indigo is my first SSTO release after a rather protracted absence. Light, compact and highly manoeuvrable this plucky little spaceplane is perfect for launching light payloads into orbit. Alternatively It can be loaded up with extra fuel and fly return missions to Minmus (I feel another video coming on). It comes with a support/crew truck which can tow the aircraft and refuel it, making for a truly re-usable design. Unfortunately due to an occlusion bug in 1.1.3 this design will only function properly in 1.1.1/2 at the moment.

This video also shows off the new and improved Mindy which sports increased performance and improved aerodynamics. It’s also now compact enough to squeeze into a small Mk2 cargo bay. Good times! 😀

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