Eachine Racer 250 – Hard Core Racing At A Low Cost – Review and Flight

Pick up the BNF version for $149.99 SKU254432 short link: http://bit.ly/1Mj78iK
Long link

First download open pilot gcs
I used the older version 15.02.02 because it is the one that works with this quad rotor.
I also had to click the check box to install the open mesa drivers because I have an older computer otherwise the program wouldn't run.
Next Install your receiver into the aircraft, we used the flysky fsI6 transmitter and receiver

The wires hook up to the receiver as follows

RBW channel 1 and power
Blue chanel 2
1st yellow channel 3
green channel 4
2nd yellow channel 5
black channel 6

Note: Black wire connects to the outer pin of your receiver and white to the innermost pin for channel 1 of most (if not all) PWM receivers (reversing this can fry your receiver). The singular wires connect to the signal pins of each channel on your receiver (inner most pins on most, if not all PWM receivers).

Once I installed the software and got to the point wear it asks me to hook up the aircraft I used a USB cable to connect it to my computer and followed all the steps including updating the firmware, calibrating the gyro and setting up the transmitter. It was all very self explanatory and easy to do because of the wonderful software.
This is a serious aircraft with some serious power at a great price, you should be seeing them at the races soon.


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