EasyJet Airbus A319-111 | Inverness to Bristol *Full Flight*

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Another short hop on an EasyJet Airbus A319. This time a domestic route from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands down to Bristol in the West Country. Flight was actually very busy to my surprise, unfortunately lots of kids onboard, so apologies for all the background noise. The flight was delayed by about an hour and fifteen minutes due to an earlier medical emergency onboard at Geneva, you can hear the pilot explain this shortly after I'd boarded. Once airborne and above the cloud layer unfortunately not all that much to see through the overcast skies until nearer Bristol and start of descent. Once on the way down some nice views of Hereford and the River Severn followed by some great views over Bristol and the surrounding areas. This was actually my first time flying into Bristol airport, so a new airport for me. A very quick exit, always a bonus of a domestic flight. From aircraft onto bus within 10mins! Good going Bristol!

Aircraft: Airbus A319-111
Reg.: G-EZAV
Seat: 3A
Engine Type: 2x CFM56-5B5
Departure Time: 18:15 (actual 19:40 approx.)
Arrival Time: 19:35 (actual 20:50)
Flight Number: EZY394
Date: July 6th 2016
Flight Duration: 1 Hour 10mins approx.
Cruising Alt: 33,000ft (FL330)
Departure Runway: RWY23
Arrival Runway: RWY27
Route: INV-BRS

*As always by *Full Flight* I do not mean literally the entire flight, I mean that it includes every part of the flight.

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