EasyJet Airbus A319-111 | London Gatwick to Hamburg *Full Flight*

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Onboard yet another low cost EasyJet flight from Gatwick, this time to Germany and the beautiful city of Hamburg! Another early start and a grey dull morning at Gatwick. Pilot informed us that there may be some waiting time for departure due to ATC restrictions as the winds were increasing. Not only the winds picking up but as we were pushing back I noticed that the rain had become snow and it was actually snowing during our departure which was quite interesting. Very thick cloud so not a lot to see after departure almost right up until reaching cruising height over the North sea! Similar weather in Hamburg, very low grey dull skies just without the falling snow. But over all another great flight with EasyJet, no complaints and wasn't too busy either so had some room to spread out.

Aircraft: Airbus A319-111
Reg.: G-EZGE
Seat: 3A
Engine Type: 2x CFM56-5B5
Departure Time: 08:10
Flight Number: EZY5343
Date: November 21st 2015
Flight Duration: 1hour 20 mins (approx.)
Cruising Alt: 39,000ft (FL390)
Route: LGW-HAM

Thanks for watching another of my *Full Flight* videos! Got lots of flights planned so plenty more of these still to come.



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