EasyJet Airbus A319-111 | London Luton to Inverness *Full Flight*

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On-board another brilliantly cheap EasyJet adventure from Luton up to Scottish Highlands, Inverness! I've flown from Inverness airport several times but never flown too Inverness, so I spotted this cheap flight and booked up straight away. Turn around at Luton was a bit tight, the inbound flight from Paris CDG arrived at 09:05 and ours was due out at 09:30, but a 4min delay to pushback and a 6min early arrival is very good going! Very fast taxi, without stopping once, straight onto the runway without backtracking and cut infront of a Dassault Falcon which you can see down the end of the runway. It was actually quite a busy flight, but not at the front, not many had chose to pay the extra for the front rows so it seems really empty but further back was full up.
The weather was rather odd this day, for a change it was London and the south with grey dull skies, but Inverness and northern Scotland saw the highest temperatures across the UK up to 25 degrees and clear skies! This made for some fantastic "cloud surfing" shots after departure and some breath taking stunning views on approach into Inverness.
Managed to catch a few nice added bonus shots, a First Choice livery 767 at Luton just pushing out of the Thomson hangar and a private livery 757 reg. M-RISE at Inverness. Was rather suprised to see a 757 on the tarmac at INV! So look out for those 🙂

Aircraft: Airbus A319-111
Reg.: G-EZIJ
Seat: 3F
Engine Type: 2x CFM56-5B5
Departure Time: 09:30 (Actual 09:34)
Date: 18th June 2014
Flight Duration: 1 Hours 15mins (Approx.)
Cruising Alt: FL360, 36,000ft
Departure Runway: RWY08
Arrival Runway: RWY23
Route: LTN-INV

Very nice flight once again with EasyJet, ontime, cheap & reliable!
The shots through the clouds after take off and the stunning views of the Highlands and coastline are definitely worth watching. Some of my best shots I've taken on-board an aircraft to date.

Thanks for watching!


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