easyJet Airbus A319 Full Flight: Geneva to Manchester (With ATC)

A full, uncut flight with easyJet, onboard Airbus A319 HB-JYF operating flight EZY1950 from Geneva to Manchester on 29 May 2015. Every minute included from boarding to deboarding, as well as ATC for the departure from Geneva.

The video begins at a remote stand in Geneva, with us boarding the aircraft. After a short delay while waiting for more passengers to board, we get on our way, taxying to runway 23 and departing, getting a wonderful view of the mountains and Swiss countryside. We climb to 38,000ft, routing towards Paris, then London and commencing our descent over the Nottingham area, across the Peak District for an arrival on runway 23R at Manchester.

Video filmed from seat 4F.

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