Easyjet EZY3249 London Stansted (STN) – Naples (NAP) A319-100 G-EZDE *FULL FLIGHT* 9/8/13 [1080p HD]

On-board EZY3249 from London Stansted to Naples, Italy on Friday 9th August 2013. The flight departed London Stansted on-time, taking off from runway 23 at 6:10AM (BST). We made a left turn leaving the UK coast and headed south passing Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and finally over the border into Italy. We climbed to 37,000 feet reaching 473kt (544 mph). The flight was short, just 2 hours 20 minutes meaning we arrived early into NAP. A very pleasant and smooth flight – it was a pleasure flying this small orange aircraft!

This video includes the full flight including start up, climb out from London Stansted, cruising, descend and landing into Naples (1080p HD).

Plane: Airbus A319-100
Airline: Easyjet [EZY]
Flight Number: EZY3249
Seat number: 16A
Route: London Stansted – Naples
Cruise level: 37,000 feet
Date: August 9th 2013
Departure time: 6:10AM (local time)
Arrival time: 9:30AM (local time)
Flight duration: 2h 20 min (approx)

Stay tuned for return flight with Easyjet back to London Stansted!

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