Ejectable black boxes would have made Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 easier to find

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Airbus will soon be ready to include black boxes that eject and can float in the ocean on its commercial aircraft, Pascal Andrei, Airbus chief product-security officer, said at a U.S. National Transportation Safety Board forum on Tuesday.

Black boxes that eject and can float are easier to find, reducing the need for time-consuming and costly searches for the black boxes of planes that have crashed in oceans or remote areas.

If a crash occurs, the ejection of the black box is triggered by impact sensors. The black boxes are designed to float indefinitely on water.

Airbus is looking at using such devices, which have long been used in military fighter jets, on its A350 and A380 airliners, which make long flights over the ocean.

Boeing, however, told the safety board that does not plan to include ejectable black boxes on its planes because they can eject accidentally and thus pose a safety risk.


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