EL AL Israel Airlines Boeing 767-3Q8(ER) | London Luton to Tel Aviv *Full Flight*

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Onboard my very first EL AL flight for my very first visit to Israel. This was EL AL’s flight LY212 from London Luton Airport to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International airport on Tuesday 23rd August 2016. Ahead of my visit to Israel I’d been put in charge of the flights and for the sake of a minor difference in price between EL AL & EasyJet I thought I’d pay the difference and try out Israels flag carrier. This flight during the peak season is operated by a Boeing 767, which is actually the largest regular passenger aircraft that goes to/from. Any “widebody” aircraft is quite a squeeze for Luton so was keen to get on this one! Believe it or not in previous years EL AL has managed to even squeeze a 777 into Luton only just a handful of occasions. After passing through the rather intense security checks EL AL performs and having my suitcase and hand luggage throughally searched we finally boarded and made our way to our seats in Economy Plus, seat 22A. Perfect position for front of wing and engine views. A pleasant flight, lots of legroom in economy plus. A little disappointing that the aircraft had no seat back TV’s but it did however have wifi which could only be used to power their own entertainment app on your tablets or smart phones, so it wasn’t all bad. Some great views after departure, mostly clear skies all the way down towards the Mediterranean over the continent. Managed to get a few air to air shots of a Pegasus 737 and a Qantas A380 as well as spotting some airports along the way. Just before descent we were treated to a beautiful sunset just to the south of Cyprus, but that unfortunately meant it was dark for arrival in Tel Aviv. So I didn’t film much of the approach until we came over land.

Flight Number: LY212
Aircraft: Boeing 767-3Q8(ER)
Registration: 4X-EAK
Aircraft Age: 19 years (April 1997)
Seat: 22A
Engine Type: Pratt & Whitney PW4060
Departure Time: 13:00 (Actual 13:30)
Arrival Time: 19:50 (Actual 20:10)
Flight Duration: 4 hours 40mins (approx)
Date: 23rd August 2016
Cruising Alt: 37,000ft (FL370)
Departure Runway: RWY08
Arrival Runway: RWY12
Route: LTN-TLV

Over all a great flight, new airline and a new country to tick off my list. El Al are very good, lack slightly on the entertainment system but aircraft is nice, crew are friendly etc. Do be warned about the security. They did search our suitcases and hand luggage and do give you a rather stern talking to before check in, especially if your passport has a lot of stamps in it from places like Turkey or other countries in the Middle East like the UAE. So just a heads up about that, you do get asked lots of questions about your trip and previous trips to other places.

*As always by *Full Flight* I mean the video includes every stage of the flight from departure to arrival. I do not literally mean a 5 hour video of the entire flight… If that’s what you’re looking for you’ve come to the wrong YouTube channel.

Check out more videos from my trip to Israel and my return flight videos on a Boeing 777 coming very soon!

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