EL AL Israel Airlines Boeing 777-258(ER) | Tel Aviv to London Heathrow *Full Flight*

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After a fantastic first visit to Israel it was time to head back to England. For the return journey I had the pleasure of flying on one of EL AL's Boeing 777's back to Heathrow. A very busy flight, almost all seats taken so there is lots of background noise in the cabin I'm afraid. A beautiful departure from Ben Gurion on RWY26, took us straight out towards the stunning coastline, before turning North West towards Europe. Some nice views most of the way, over the Greek Islands and Mainland and of the Alps. A little turbulence over the Alps and an increased altitude from 36,000ft to 38,000ft for the last hour or so before beginning our descent into a beautiful sunny London. We were holding for a while, but it meant I could get some great views of London as we flew round in the hold, before finally leaving the hold and continuing our approach into RWY27L at Heathrow.

Flight Number: LY315
Aircraft: Boeing 777-258(ER)
Registration: 4X-ECB
Aircraft Age: 15 years (Feb 2001)
Seat: 33A
Engine Type: 2 x Rolls Royce Trent 892
Departure Time: 10:15 (Actual 10:45)
Arrival Time: 13:35 (Ontime)
Flight Duration: 4 hours 50mins (approx)
Date: 30th August 2016
Max. Cruising Alt: 38,000ft (FL380)
Departure Runway: RWY26
Arrival Runway: RWY27L
Route: TLV-LHR

Ben Gurion airport... Really not very good. Very lengthy security process and lots of staff telling you different things. Being pointed towards all different sorts of queues to be told by another to go somewhere else. Very complicated. Allow yourself plenty of time if going through. Once passed that point, departures itself is very nice.
Not a bad flight at all, very polite crew and comfy seats. However the entertainment system, for an aircraft that operates Tel Aviv to Los Angeles, a 15 hour flight was pretty poor. Very bad quality and very small screens, so wouldn't like to go much further on one.

As always by *Full Flight* I mean this video includes every stage of the flight from boarding until arrival. Not literally a 5 hour + video of nothing. If that's what you're after you've come to the wrong YouTube channel.

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