Emirates A380- 800 Amazing Takeoff From Dubai to London & Night Landing At Heathrow

This video is about my flight from Dubai to London in Emirates A380 Airbus. It was indeed a great moment for me to fly in an A380 aircraft.The video shows the takeoff from Dubai and the landing in London with the golden lights of this beautiful city.

This is the longest video in my history that I am adding for the first time. May be someone could skip the video and watch in segments or if one is a plane enthusiast could watch the complete journey. I know it is difficult to find time to watch such long videos but I have added this for my interest and for all fans of airplanes 🙂

Thank you very very much for everybody who visited my video even for a short period 🙂

Leisurely I will come through nature to meet my dear nature friends 🙂

Captain speaks at 24sec , 3.15min ,11.55min &16.36min.
Takeoff from Dubai at 4.33min.
Night Scenes from 12.52min.
Landing Heathrow from 14.30min.


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