Engineering animation: United Airlines flight 232

July 19th 1989 will forever be written into the history books of memorable flights. For 44 minutes check airman Dennis E. Fitch managed to navigate and land a McDonnell Douglas 10-10 aircraft with zero hydraulic pressure. In a terrible strike of bad luck, the triple redundant hydraulic system was punctured by debris originating from a fractured fan disk in engine #2. The actual events of that flight are featured in this showcase from Serpent 3D.

Realistic visualization: An animation or illustration from Serpent 3D is always made applying correct scale and precise measurements. If the scene includes an aircraft flying 37.000 feet in the air, it will be simulated accurately: In the speed that you request, naturally blending in with the landscape below.

Although animation from Serpent 3D is unsuitable for scientific purposes, it can function as an accurate visual presentation of your project.

United Airlines flight 232 is the latest showcase from Serpent 3D and a great example of how mechanical parts can be animated with a high level of accuracy.


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