Executive Air Charter on Private Jets

Private jet charter sells thanks to VIP interiors.

To sell executive air charter to the businessman, business jets for air charter London and South East England invariably boast good interior design. Can luxury and creativity coexist comfortably with compact functionality and safety? When you examine the interior designs of business jets, you have to say yes.

For a total price of not far shy of $100 million a recently designed interior for a privately owned long-range Boeing Business Jet 2 had several design priorities. The aircraft was for the businessman's wife, so he wanted it to reflect her contemporary tastes and give her true VIP comfort with a feel-at-home environment. He also wanted the plane to be able to travel from London to San Francisco, or Mumbai to New York nonstop, so weight had to be controlled in order to give the aircraft that kind of range. He also requested the decibel level to top out at 50 in the cabin, and he asked for the design to include a dedicated dining/conference area, a family/living area, a private salon/library, and a master bathroom and lavatory.

It has a "flexible" dining room table made of a sturdy, clear polycarbonate material. At the "high" setting, it's a dining table. At its "low" setting, it doubles as a coffee table, creating a second living area. And for overnight flights, the table leaves fold in and down, providing a support base for an extra mattress that turns the two divans and table into one large bed. Satin nickel pocket doors, engraved with anodized blue designs, separate the galley/crew quarters from the main cabin and also give passengers the option of opening up or closing off the master bedroom, private salon, the main living and dining areas from one another.

A true residential feel in the cabin is achieved by setting most of the furniture away from the aircraft fuselage walls and using area carpets secured to a high-gloss teak-holly wood floor that was treated to be slip-resistant, instead of the more traditional wall-to-wall carpeting.

He also incorporated custom wood-slat Venetian blind window coverings to give the cabin a warmer look. The blinds can be raised, lowered, opened and closed via remote control. The table lamps, which add to the residential ambiance, are "carry-on" options, but are attached to the Zebra-wood-veneer side cabinets in the main cabin.

Lounge chairs, for example, are not certified for takeoff or landing, but the two-seat divan in the salon is (all told, the aircraft is configured for 20 passengers). In the master bedroom, the monitor can be recessed into the storage cabinet at the foot of the bed, and the mirror at the far end of the room is part of a built-in vanity.

Private jets, when privately owned, will have to serve both business and personal use.

Upgraded cabin entertainment systems have to offer more communication, music, and video options.

Owners expect business jets to reflect their personal style, yet be appealing for charter customers, as well.

Electronics and cabin entertainment options, including in-seat, touch screen control of all cabin functions (from the audio/ visual system and lighting to temperature selections); two-channel XM Radio, real-time text news updates from sources such as CNN, Bloomberg, BBC, and SportsTicker displayed on two independent, 15-inch cabin monitors; in-seat audio/visual docking stations for iPods and other personal entertainment devices; and even a forward-mounted nose camera to allow passengers a pilot's-eye view of take-offs and landings on the cabin monitors. Today's clients will chose to hard-wire the aircraft for Aircell wireless internet accessibility.

Ability to connect laptops and devices to the cabin's high-resolution audio/visual system has a positive business impact as well, turning flights into far more productive work and meeting time when he travels with business associates.

Air charter companies.

Often the client is not an individual or a couple, but board members of air charter firms ordering to compliment a high-end fleet of VIP charter aircraft.

Cabins have to include comfortable sleeping, conference and social areas for both VIP and corporate travellers.

Full-flat reclining seats for 12 people. A large galley in the rear, with a full-size oven, microwave, refrigerator, and custom storage facilities for the glassware and dishes.

Fashion and corporate jet design.

Haute couture meets high-flying private jet style. Today, the movement toward bold-face name designer interiors is spreading. In April 2006, TAG Aircraft Interiors announced a partnership with the Italian fashion house of Gianni Versace to create custom aircraft furnishings and design. A year later, Italian helicopter manufacturer Agusta Westland announced it, too, had teamed with Versace to create a line of high-end helicopter interior designs. Not to be outdone, Eurocopter announced that it, too, had a designer in the house, having teamed with Hermès to create a line of custom interiors for its EC 135 helicopter.

In some ways, the movement of fashion design houses into the exclusive world of private jet interior design is an obvious evolution. People who purchase private jets are typically discriminating customers who value both quality and unique aesthetics, and the move makes perfect sense.

Jet completion centres are doing a roaring trade.

Source by John Routledge

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