Experience the tranquillity of the Mediterranean

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The Maltese islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino are best known for their soft Mediterranean beaches and sapphire blue skies but theres a lot more to Malta than your average beach resort. Swiftly becoming the spa-capital of Europe the Maltese Islands boast the worlds first therapeutic spa hotel rooms designed specifically to detox and de-stress you. So why not jet off for a relaxing weekend in Malta where you can unwind and have your troubles massaged away?

Whilst you are out there pampering yourself and being treated like royalty, you can also dine like kings and queens. The Maltese people are passionate when it comes to cooking and hold regular food festivals that will both surprise and delight you. From Mediterranean fish to Maltese Bread, from local cheese and honey to exquisite Maltese wine, we guarantee youll be spoilt rotten from the moment you sit up to the dinner table.

Malta has it all, including cheap flights from airports across the UK. Our expert on Maltese Tourism Chris Fenech is hosting a webchat for us, so why not join him on Friday 12th October at 15:00 to find out exactly how much relaxation is in store for you on the Maltese islands?


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