Facts About RC Helicopters

Radio controlled helicopters which are popularly referred to as RC Helicopters are prototypical aircraft that are available in contrasting varieties and compositions. There are some that have been manufactured for greater maneuverability although these types have a diminished or decreased aerobatic control. Remote control helicopters are operated by users with the use of remote control because of the tiny servo motors that have been placed on a particular part of the aircraft. Most people who operate RC helicopters do so for purposes of amusement. There are people who also use them for photography purposes, for purposes of filming, for purposes of remote inspection and also for policing.

These aircraft are generally manufactured by experts and there are three categories available for purchase by enthusiasts as well as people in occupations that require the use of RC helicopters. The first category is the nitro helicopters which most people favor and are available in different sizes with the size being a standard measure of the nitro motor that is fitted in the aircraft. The nitro model is able to fly for about seven to 15 minutes.

Electric RC helicopters are fast becoming popular and are a very recent entrant. These aircraft are mechanized through the use of Lithium Polymer batteries and can fly for about four to fourteen minutes. There is the third category of the Gas turbine driven RC helicopters which are very high-priced and are also less favored because they are costly. People who have acquired the skills to control these aircraft will tell you that it is not an easy feat to become proficient at. Mostly the ability to become an expert at controlling RC helicopters will depend on the design of a particular chopper, the controls that the chopper has, and the maneuvers that the chopper is capable of undertaking.

While RC helicopters are generally used by enthusiasts, they will have a completely similar look to real helicopters although the toy category has a different structure that provides it with distinctive functions. The toy type remote control helicopters have been manufactured to have a more balanced fight to help kids with easier usability of the transmitters as well as give them more control of the flights. The toy type electric helicopters are for this reason unable to function at the speeds and the maneuverability of the helicopters that are constructed for adult RC helicopter enthusiasts. Kids as well as older hobbyists will enjoy each category of helicopter with equal enthusiasm.

Radio control helicopters have transmitters and this is where any action that you perform when flying the helicopter is introduced. Every helicopter will have numerous channels and it is these channels that determine how many maneuvers you can be able to perform when you control the helicopter. Most will have four controls in the least. The left and right cyclical control gives the helicopter the ability to rotate. The fore and aft control gives the helicopter its speed. The left and right yaw give the helicopter the ability to move in different angles either to the right or to the left. The collective pitch and throttle gives the helicopter the ability to ascend or dive. RC helicopters are used for competitions which are called Aerobic RC helicopter flying.

Source by Ross W Taylor

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