Hi friends!
Many of you might have recognized that this october the last commercial flying MD-11 is going to be retired. KLM was one of the last MD-11 operators still using this magnificent aircraft! I told myself since a view years to be on the MD-11 again some time. When I heard that it will be retired soon I didn’t hesitate long and booked a flight with KLM. During the booking process I found out that my dates would fit with the final flight, so this is how I made it onto that last flight!

And of course I want to share with you my experience! Unfortunately this was a full night flight, which makes it even harder to get a good report about it! But I tried my best.
Initially I was supposed to be on another MD-11 flight from Amsterdam to Montreal, but due to bad weather conditions in Amsterdam I got rebooked onto Air France through Paris, what was a really disappointing experience! I lost my MD-11 dayflight window seat, had to fly through Charles de Gaule, no window seat in a crappy old B747 cabin, bad french attitude, Air France managed to lose my luggage and so on… all in all a day to forget!

So I was really looking forward to this last MD-11 flight after not getting onto my outbound MD-11. KLM did a great job on making this flight a special event, they offered a buffet, did some entertaining at the gate and so on. The KLM crew did a really great job and I would definitely book through KLM again in the future.(nope, never again Air France). Unfortunately KLM and Air France work together really close..

Well I hope you get a good look into this last flight in my video. I did it a bit longer than usual. Enjoy!

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