Field Guide to Video Recording Your Flights

In this video, I answer a few common questions that I've been receiving regarding what types of camera that I use, how I set them up, how to record the comms audio, cost, and a few other topics.

If I have missed a topic or a question you'd like answered then post a comment and I'll look into it.

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- ContourHD 1080p:

Old camera I had that only provides 135º FOV. Get the newer Roam 3 model or even the Roam 2 which are $120-$200 from

- GoPro Hero3 Black Edition:

GoPro cameras are pretty much the industry standard. I had this camera prior to starting flight lessons; using it to record SCUBA dives.
Great resolutions, FPS, and many features. It doesn't have the SuperView feature of the Hero3+ Black Edition though. No longer sold
directly by GoPro and from what I see it's $400+. Don't waste your money on it since the Hero3+ is cheaper and better.

- GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition:

This is the camera I wish I was using for all my views. It features SuperView mode which provides greater horizontal and vertical FOV.
No longer available in Black Edition at GoPro but can be found on other sites for about $350 I think.

- GoPro Hero4:

I don't own this model and I won't go into details of what it offers. I did want to mention that I did look at it and I couldn't
justify the higher cost for the features that I would use. Everything that I needed most are in the Hero3+. The Hero4 Black
Edition costs $500.

- GoPro Extended Battery:

You'll need extra power expecially for long cross-country flights. GoPro's are known for their poor battery performance.
But I'm guessing that's fine for their niche of surfers, bike riders, etc. You'll need either many battery to swamp often
OR an alternative such as Wasabi Power Extended batteries which features 2780 mAh. These babies will allow you to shoot
for 4 hours at 1080. They cost about $30 each and $40 if you get the dual battery charge. I go the battery+charger and
a second batter since I have 2 GoPro cameras.

- RAM Suction Mount

RAM Mounts are probably the best and most versatile out there.
For my outside view camera, I use a suction mount that has an extension arm with a 1/4-inch stud (platform) mount.
They also sell it with a GoPro mount rather than the thread stud platform. They cost about $35.

RAM Mounting Systems RAM-B-202AU 1-Inch Rubber Ball Base with 1/4-Inch 20 Stud For Camera:

I do also use a Delkin Fat Gecko Mount DDMOUNT-STEALTH:

- 64GB MicroSD Class 10

One of the most important components of the video recorder: the memory card! I would suggest getting the biggest
that YOUR CAMERA can accept. Most can go up to 64MB. In addition, you'll want a fast writting card. Class 10
usually does the trick. These range approximately $30-$50.

- WingItMount

To shoot outside of the aircraft, go with an option that does NOT use suction mount. I'm too chicken to risk
my $300+ cameras to "suction" mounts. I therefore opted for velcro secured mount. The WingItMount is not
cheap though: $120.

- Audio Cable

You'll need some type of audio cable to record your aircraft's audio panel (occupants & ATC). I use a special
Y-Splitter cable to which I connect my Bose A20 headset and GoPro Hero3+ camera. This cable cost $50.

- Prop Filter

A prop filter will make the prop smoother. But using such a filter reduces the image quality; it's darker.
My opinion is not to use a prop filter but if you want to use one, here are you're options:



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