Finnair Airbus A340 Economy Class flight review to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport – OH-LQF

This is a flight review of our Finnair Economy class flight from Helsinki Airport (HEL) to Bangkok´s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). Our flight footage begin´s at Helsinki Vantaa airport in the international departures area. We have just arrived from Copenhagen (also on a Finnair flight) and are making our way to our Bangkok flights gate, Gate 38. Before arriving at our gate we walk through the airport where the viewer should get an idea of the walking distance and a look at the tax-free shops (duty free), restaurants and bars on the way to the Gate. After we arrive at the gate we show some footage of our own plane, an Airbus A340-300 with registration OH-LQF. Not long after arriving at the gate we begin boarding the aircraft. Viewrs are given a nice look at what the Finnair Airbus A340 Economy Class Cabin Looks like. It is at this point we also present the "Very Outdated" Inflight Entertainment System that Finnair offers passengers on the Helsinki-Bangkok Route (This is the second time we have flown with this aircraft on this route). We do value the entertainment system on a long flight and as a result of this system we will not fly with Finnair again until they receive their new Airbus A350´s and begin using them on the Helsinki-Bangkok Route. After a few views of the Economy Class Passenger Cabin, we begin Pushback. We follow our Airbus A340 Aircraft taxiing all the way to the runway where we on the ways see a British Airways airbus taking off and the Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner also taking off. Unfortunately our own takeoff is not included in the footage (we had memory card issues). The footage carries on when we are in the sky still climbing to our cruising altitude. We then have a closer look at our leg room and the very poor inflight entertainment system. After awhile the Finnair crew members begin serving us dinner (The Finnair stewardesses are Finnish and also include some Thai speaking Nationals). Our dinner choice is chicken or a vegetable dinner. We both choose the chicken and afterwards I request a Vegetable meal also as I am eager to film both meals. The footage shows both in-flight meals. As evening creeps in we show a few shots outside the aircraft. The footage then continues a few hours later where we are flying somewhere off the coat of India and Bangladesh. Breakfast starts to be served and we give the viewer a presentation of what a Finnair Economy Class In flight Breakfast Meal has to offer Finnair passengers. After breakfast we again give our viewers a look outside the aircraft where there is allot of lightning to see (it is after-all Monsoon season in Asia). We then begin our final approach towards Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport) and viewers are treated to the beautiful views final approach to this airport has to offer. After landing our taxiing rout can be followed all the way until we reach our gate. Disembarkation then begins and viewers can follow us from the aircraft into the airport.

Finnair is a fantastic Airline and will be allot better when they take delivery of their new Airbus A350´s and can offer economy class passengers a more modern in-flight entertainment system. They should also consider re-introducing free alcoholic beverages on their long-haul flights (the Bangkok Route does not offer free beverages only two glasses of complimentary wine with your meal), How much extra can that cost? We would be willing to pay the extra 20-30 Euros for that service (An airport lounge with free drinks, snacks ect. costs around 20-25 Euros). The fact that drinks are not free is a factor which will make us choose an airline who does offer that "very normal service" on long haul flights (Finnair you are not a low cost airline!!)

Wiki writes about Finnair, "Finnair Plc is the flag carrier and largest airline of Finland, with its headquarters in Vantaa and its main hub at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Finnair and its subsidiaries dominate both domestic and international air travel in Finland..."

Wiki writes about the Airbus A340, "The Airbus A340 is a long-range, four-engine, wide-body commercial passenger jet airliner developed and produced by Airbus. The A340 was assembled at Toulouse, France...".

This footage is filmed at Helsinki Airport (Finland), onboard a Finnair Airbus A340 passenger aircraft and at Suvarnabhumi Airport (also called Bangkok Airport). We were flying in June from Copenhagen Via Helsinki Via Bangkok to the Thailand tropical island of Koh Samui.

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