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I was a hard-working many years me sticking it up to Now, I’m out revenge with my own explosive guide on how you
finally gain an edge over airlines and world
so easy me to like taking candy from a
My jaw drops every
time I see just pay your outrageously-priced tickets. At shocking truth is revealed
in my on in luxury at mindboggling bargains!
My name is Tony Chau.
I was a many my company me because I wouldn’t an outlandish fee to
continue bringing business. I booked
year and brought agency untold with my work…
But no matter masses of I my insisted
that I must a silly yearly to keep my status
active. think about I to thousands in
from all still hell-bent on making
me a to business?
Oh no!
I sucked it up first few and paid preposterous fees
to my account as one of in
company, I sure as had already my
dues after some years.
I to it!
Predictably, me my promised regret it!
Now, is on my I’ve worked
and my all globe.

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