First Flight with Mom – Landing at Larnaca Intl in a Tecnam Sierra – First GA Flight Reactions!

Probably the most special flight in my entire life: to take my mother flying! Watch her reactions during our sunset landing at LCA Intl, having returned from some enjoyable sightseeing. ➤Subscribe for more similar videos:

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Her constant smile was proof that I was doing good keeping it smooth all the time... The conditions were perfect and the sun was glowing in a golden colour. She even got to see the sunset while we were on final to land!
She has big problems with vertigo and migraine, and is often scared of flying just because she might feel sick. You can't call it fear of flying, but it is sure fear when flying! Gladly, she told me she was feeling 100% great whenever I asked her how she felt throughout the flight.
She never flew in a general aviation airplane before, and only had one gliding flight which she loved. It was an entirely new experience to her and I am glad she liked it!
I never said this in public before, but my mum plays a big role in what you see in this channel. If not anything, she was the one who brought me to life and grew my up with my father! Her constant support, though, was another "push" for me to aim higher and do more. Thanks mum for everything.

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My name is Demetris Gregoriou and I am 17 year old aspiring private pilot from Cyprus. Since I was young, I was always fascinated by aviation and my goal with this channel is to share with you my passion for absolutely free. I always try my utmost in providing the world with every possible kind of aviation videos. Please show me your support by commenting and liking and/or sharing my videos and subscribing to my channel!

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