Flight: A Pop-up Book Of Aircraft (crowther’s Transportation)

Flight: A Pop-up Book Of Aircraft (crowther’s Transportation) (Book)
View: http://aviation.childrens-library.com/Flight_A_Popup_Book_Of_Aircraft.html

Manufacturer: Candlewick
Aviation Books for Kids: http://aviation.childrens-library.com

Written by Robert Crowther and it was published on the 9th of October, 2007 by Candlewick. The children’s book is centered on Aeronautics and it is perceived as a very good juvenile literature. While you are inside the library you can in all likelihood search for it with the DDC, T. This version is the 1st ed. of the book has 10 pages and it has superbly colored illustrations. The children’s book emphasizes Pop-up books. For more information on this book, click on our affilate add to cart button on this site.

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