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Traveling on charter flights is a great luxury time saver for busy executives. With over 3,500 aircraft available for air charter, it can be a little confusing knowing where to begin in selecting the right one for your travel needs. Savvy travelers on executive jets know that they can choose an aircraft based on the number of passengers who will be flying, as well as the length of the trip. So too, you can fly your choice of private jet anytime you wish.

Jets range in size from the Turbo Propel to the Jumbo jets. Turbo Propel jets are best for a smaller group of passengers, up to six to eight total. These twin prop, turbine engine planes use less fuel than some of the larger jets, so they can save you money when you need to take a short flight. Turbo Propel aircraft can travel over 1,000 miles nonstop. They might be smaller, but they are quite speedy with an average cruising speed of 280 to 315 miles per hour.

You might choose a Light jet over a Turbo Prop because they can fly at higher altitudes due to their pressurized cabins. Very quiet, this makes for a luxurious and cost-effective choice for short to mid-range jaunts for five to eight passengers. They can run nonstop for 1,500 miles quickly, with speeds averaging between 400 and 560 mph.

If you are looking for a deft jet that is luxurious and comfortable, then a Medium jet will be perfect. You can bring seven to nine passengers with you on your special nonstop trip up to 2,100 miles, cruising along at 510 to 590 miles per hour.

When you need to take a longer flight, you'll need an aircraft that has a larger fuel capacity. That private jet is in the Super Medium range, which is the right size for eight to ten very comfortable passengers who will enjoy the extra space that is available in the Super Medium jet. This jet can go 3,400 to 3,600 miles without stopping, at 490 to 590 miles per hour on average.

Larger jets are needed when you are taking a longer trip with more passengers. If you want the flexibility of your plane being able to land on non-major airport runways yet still be suitable for a long trip, then a Heavy jet is your best bet. You can travel nonstop for 4,000 miles in a heavy jet, and at speeds averaging between 500 and 560 mph you will get to your destination quickly. You can select from Heavy jets that will carry nine to fifteen people in style, or a Boeing Business Jet when your travel plans include fifteen to twenty-three associates.

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