Flybe E175 Full Flight – Birmingham to Berlin Tegel

Full length, full flight video from gate to gate onboard Flybe Embraer 175 G-FBJF, operating flight BE1858 from Birmingham (BHX) to Berlin Tegel (TXL) on 25 November 2014. *Every minute of the flight included from gate to gate*

The flight begins on the ground in Birmingham with the aircraft being de-iced on an icy morning. We board the aircraft 20 minutes after the scheduled departure time, and once onboard are informed by the captain that due to the delay we have missed our slot into Berlin and we must wait for a further 40 minutes.

We finally push back an hour late from the stand at Birmingham, taxying out to runway 33. We depart to the north breaking through the thick fog within seconds, to a beautiful sunny day above. We make a right turn towards the east coast of the UK, crossing the North Sea before heading across the Netherlands and into Germany, where thick cloud starts to develop below. During the flight I have included some shots of the cabin and the inflight service. We make a right turn and begin our final approach, with the landing gear coming down above the clouds, before we see the last of the sunshine and drop into the foggy day below, emerging from the cloud just a few seconds before touching down on runway 26R. We taxi to our remote stand where today's flight ends.

Video taken from seat 21A.

Airline: Flybe
Flight: BE1858
Aircraft: Embraer E-175 G-FBJF
From: Birmingham (BHX)
To: Berlin Tegel (TXL)
Departure: 10:41
Arrival: 13:09
Flight Time: 01:28
Seat: 21A
Flight Path:

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