Flying RC Model Planes – Then And Now

Radio controlled model plane is an exciting and thrilling hobby for both children and adults. This hobby has come a long way with time and has the later versions and models, which can give you the same thrill as flying the real plane. If you are getting into the world of remote control model airplanes, it is good to know some history, to give you a better edge on the latest models and a better outlook into the world of RC model planes.

Before the radio controlled model was introduced, most of the models made use of simple fuses or the clockwork and winding mechanism to control their flying. There were other ways, by which the aircraft was powered like tethering to a central point, round the pole control and control line, which was used for internal combustion powered aircraft. In 1990's the miniature versions comprising of equipments and accessories came into existence and one could remote control small airplane models. This exclusive hobby took a new turn to attract many more to reach greater heights with all the latest technology. Radio controlled model plane was first made in the 1800s with remote controlled boats. Later there were further developments in remote control technology, which created a mechanism with complex system to control speed and direction.

Remote control works on three basics that is transmitter, receiver and servos. These servos of old have been replaced by electronic parts and the electronic speed controller has also taken the place of variable resistors. RC model planes have evolved in a big way, since they first took flight about sixty years ago. Earlier, they were only meant as toys for children, whereas in today's world, RC model planes have become an attractive hobby and business. It started with simple wooden model planes and through the years became a hi-tech flying machine. Earlier the model plane designs were basically built with pine, spruce or basswood, which were held together with glue or tacks making the model very heavy. The first RC model plane was built in 1937 by Walter and Bill Good with a simple two way radio.

In today's world, there are many different types of remote controlled planes, you can choose from. It ranges from small park flyers to large aerodynamic models and jets with the latest propulsion methods including gas turbines. They can reach speeds upto 250 miles per hour and the latest jets reaching almost 300 miles per hour. You may not be in the cockpit with the controls, but you can do the same maneuvers and turns even being on the ground because they employ the latest technology. It is the next best thing to fly a real plane and get as close to reality. You can get simulations of almost all the real jet planes and fighter planes in the world.

Whether you want to fly an old model bi-level plane or a remote controlled with latest technology model plane, the thrill is incomparable as this hobby can make your dreams fly high up in the sky.

Source by Victor Epand

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