Flying the Vought F4U “Corsair” Fighter (1944)

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"A big, tough, shipboard fighter." The Vought F4U Corsair fighter was the plane flown by Pappy Boyington's infamous "Black Sheep" VMF-214 Marine squadron. Initially rejected by they US Navy as a carrier fighter, it was loved by island based Marine squadrons who found it to be both an excellent air superiority fighter and outstanding ground support bomber, a trait much prized by the Corps. Then the Royal Navy figured out how to land it on their carriers and the US Navy soon followed suit. Faster than the F6F Hellcat, it was known to Japanese pilots as "Whistling Death" for good reason. The F4U had an amazing 11-1 kill ratio in the Pacific theater. The Corsair went on to perform with distinction throughout the Korean War and for the French in Indochina.


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