Foamboard Building Techniques: Fuselage Tubes

An easy method of making light, durable, inexpensive fuselage tubes for scratchbuilt foamie RC planes. This is the basic build technique. Variations and refinements like hatches, tapered tubes, nose forming, etc. will follow in a future video.

Basic materials are Readi-Board (Dollar Tree) foamboard or other foamcore board with thin, peel-able paper facing, hot glue, and packing tape. costs about US$1 per tube to make. See other videos for ideas for wing construction.

Sorry to guys outside the US - I personally prefer metric but everything in the US still comes in inches!

N181AZ is my weight-shift trike and is the original bird of Experimental Airlines. It's registered Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA), hence the idea behind the name.


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