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Fort McMurray Attractions

Slide 1: Welcome to Nanak Flights
Slide 2: Here are the top attractions of Fort McMurray
Slide 3: Athabasca Sand Dunes
Slide 4: Come out and enjoy what Alberta's Sahara has to offer. You won't be disappointed.
Slide 5: Gregoire Lake Provincial Park
Slide 6: If you are looking for a place to go to the beach or camping with the convenience of being close to the city to go boating, barbecuing and play beach volleyball look no further than Gregoire Lake!
Slide 7: MacDonald Island Park
Slide 8: MacDonald Island Park has recreational facilities for everyone, from swimming and skating to workout facilities. It's even a home for concerts in Fort McMurray.
Slide 9: Northern Lights
Slide 10: The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are mesmerizing, dynamic displays of light that appear in the night time northern skies.
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