Future Military Aircraft – Documentary 2015

Journey into a secret world where aeronautical dreams become military reality.
Although, most of the battles are fought on the protected ground areas and seas, but in future according to the experts, the wars won't be considered as finished without the support of air power and its utilization. Air is considered as the most strengthful and super dominant power amongst all the forces.

Today the invention of Air forces such as F16 and F18 are considered as the most reliable and best jet fighter plane. But they both are nothing in front of the latest and the deadliest Aircraft, F-22 raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. This is already popular as the future air dominance fighter of the 21st century that bears the stealthiest design ever. In the upcoming battles in future it would be very critical for the new fighters to avoid this huge air craft or even defeat it because it has the capability of fighting which is beyond the human imagination and expectation.


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