Garmin D2 Bravo in flight (as pax)

I filmed the D2 Bravo when flying from Nuremberg, Germany to Paris, France in a commercial flight.
The point is to show how the watch works in flight, when I don’t have to also focus on flying the aircraft.

I know this isn’t the best video because it’s slow and doesn’t show as much as I would like. I’ll do a better one ASAP. If you have specific wishes, let me know.

I’m also working on making a flight app (you can see it in the middle of the video). If you have any request or would like to team up, let me know!

You’ll notice on the altitude screen that the top datafield is altitude from altimeter, so it really shows the cabin altitude. The bottom datafield is altitude from the GPS, so it shows the real altitude.
The left datafield shows ambient pressure (cabin pressure) and the right datafield shows the selected barometer setting, which was 1018 mbar.

Unfortunately, there’s was a bug on the map screen, where the map wasn’t centered on the map at some point. I haven’t figured out why. At the end of the video (middle of the flight), I managed to center the map on the aircraft and could see how far from the flight plan I was.

I used an external GPS that provided location data to an iPad loaded with Garmin Pilot. This is to check the accuracy of the watch.
I noticed no particular issue with the watch GPS accuracy.


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