GCA – Missionary Aviation Walton Missionary Cargo Flight

Great Commission Air supports Christian missions (Missionary Aviation) and provides life-saving emgergency medical flights in the most remote parts of Guatemala. In this video, we are preparing to fly for Greg Walton who is the director of a very advanced Basico school deep in the mountains north-west of Coban. An area very difficult to travel to on the ground.

GCA uses a Cessna Skymaster aircraft C-336 to provide Missionary Aviation and provde Humanitarian Relief. GCA is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization. Please go to http://www.GreatCommissionAir.org/donate.php to help support this operation.

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Donate: http://www.GreatCommissionAir.org/donate.php
Blog News: http://www.GreatCommissionAir/blog


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