Gemini V-2 FPV High Altitude-Long Duration Flight-13,000+ ft.

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Flight Testing the Gemini Version 2 High Altitude Long Duration FPV/UAV:
Climbed very slowly to altitude, keeping a reserve in the battery. Then Descended in a shallow dive, bleeding off altitude.
The total time for the flight was 2 hrs, and 2 minutes. Maximum altitude reached was 4008 meters or 13,159.6 ft. That's very nearly 2 1/2 miles high! Part of the flight was in instrument conditions, and the plane was flown manually without an autopilot. 6 cameras were on board for the flight.
1-Pilot's FPV camera with pan tilt servos
2-Observer camera (Dad cam)with pan tilt servos
3-GoPro hero 3+ mounted externally under the nose
4-GoPro hero 2 set to take video in mapping tray compartment.
5-GoPro hero 2 set to take stills(over 700) also in mapping tray
6-Mobius mounted externally to top of horizontal tail (used external power supply)
The GoPro 2 set to take video in the mapping tray shut off due to low battery most of the way throughout the flight. The flight was made below gross weight, and the altitude was achieved at a very low rate of climb, while simultaneously achieving a fairly long duration flight, so it's clear that much more altitude is possible. This entire flight was made with the Immersionrc control system Tx on low power.
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We took lots of precautions for this flight, and we have a safe place to do it. Always be careful to minimize risk to others and be responsible!


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