Getting my very own Dream-Flight Alula RC Glider! – incl. Aircraft Discussion, First Flights,&Stunts

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This is me discussing the build/repair of my used, beat-to-crap, Dream-Flight Alula, and then flying it. I really like this airplane and it is a joy to fly! It took quite a long time to get it flight ready, partially due to the many repairs I had to do, and partially since I couldn't decide how to power it. The manufacturer recommends using two 7g servos, a micro receiver, and a 300mAh 4-cell nimh pack. Since I didn't have those components, I ended up using two 10g digital servos, a standard 7Ch Futaba receiver, an 18A brushless ESC I had on hand (I just needed it for the built-in BEC/Voltage Regulator), and a 2S 500mAh LiPo.

Since the battery voltage only dropped from 4.20 V/cell (100% full) to 3.94 V/cell (~75% full) in 45 min of flight, I estimate that this setup would last ~3 hrs on a single charge.

Company website here: --again, I really enjoy this plane!

Video Key Points:

0:00 airplane description
2:40 hobby room & more discussion
3:53 move to outside, discuss throws

5:53 flying begins
6:27 back flip
6:47 roll
8:32 loop
9:17 first midair catch
9:55 second midair catch
10:27 roll
10:55 third midair catch
11:16 midair catch
11:25 quick roll
11:35 midair catch
11:46 loop
11:57 roll
12:37 catch
14:07 roll
14:11 nose-high stall and rapid back-flip
14:17 catch
14:23 loop
14:32 flying min-sink airspeed
14:57 hammerhead
15:06 catch
15:23 catch

Servos I used: 2 x 10g digital
Current "BEC" I'm using: (19g)
Current LiPo I'm using: (35g)
Current Weight: 214g

BEC I have on order: (8g)
LiPo I will also order for plane: (17g)
Estimated NEW Weight (once I get these new components): 185g

Alula Evo in the Swiss Alps, by Cadorna1976 -


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