Golden Myanmar Airlines ATR 72-600 Flight Report: Y5 252 Chiang Mai to Yangon

Aircraft: ATR 72-600 (XY-AJM)
Airline: Golden Myanmar Airlines
Route: Chiang Mai-Yangon
Date: 27th January 2015

My first ever flight report for 2015! I was glad I made it on Golden Myanmar Airlines. They only have recently started flying to Chiang Mai with their brand new ATR 72-600, and by brand new I really do mean brand new. The plane was very modern, comfortable, quiet, and smooth. The flight attendants on this flight were also very super nice and attentive. Service was excellent for a low cost airline but although I think they follow more of a hybrid model than a full low cost model. More details in the video so check it out!

Watch the return flight report here:

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