Goldwing ultralight aircraft, Goldwing all composite, canard configuration ultralight. – The Goldwing is an ultralight aircraft of the canard configuration. Conventional 3-axis controls are incorporated into the foam-fiberglass composite structured airframe.

Handling is described as straightforward and docile with very forgiving characteristics. It is was sold as a kit.

The nose-mounted canard not only provides lift, but also pitch stability and control. Winglets provide directional stability while increasing the effective aspect ratio, without a sacrifice in handling.

Split rudders produce yaw while maintaining the winglet advantage. Spoilers and ailerons are used together for roll control at all speeds. The fully independent 3-axis control system enables the Goldwing to handle crosswind takeoffs and landings.

Power is provided by a two cylinder, electric start, 25 hp snowmobile engine. Full throttle at sea level gives a climb of 600 fpm at 47 mph, while power is pulled back to 75% throttle for a comfortable 500 fpm. At the economy cruise setting of 50% throttle, the airspeed holds at 50 mph while the fuel consumption drops to one gallon per hour. At higher power settings, the aircraft has been clocked at 85 mph in level flight.

High altitude performance at 9,000 feet density altitude resulted in a takeoff roll of 400 feet and a climb rate of 400 fpm.

During stall and spin testing, the Goldwing was capable of being flown with full aft stick at an indicated 27 mph, while maintaining full control at all power settings. The canard would not stall unless forced into an accelerated stall. In that case, the canard would rise above the horizon, make a gentle break at 24 mph, and then rise back up to the horizon where it would remain with full aft stick. Video and Audio content is Copyright © Sport Aviation Magazine. This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.

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