Great Ways to Get Cheap Flights

It is surprising how with a little planning, forethought and flexibility, how easy it is to find an affordable airline ticket and go for that trip you always wanted without destroying your bank balance. You don't need to have a friend or a relative who works for the airline industry to be able to get that discounted airfare you have always wanted. If you follow some of these simple tips you shouldn't have to pay inflated prices for a flight ever again.

Stay in Touch. Which means follow what is going on in the news about traveling, you can do this by watching T.V, reading newspapers, or on the Internet if you have a computer with an Internet connection. If you keep looking you will be able to find limited time offers made by the airlines when they sell cheap airline tickets. This includes major airlines, low fare airlines and airlines that are just starting up. Airlines that are starting up, although more rare, can give some of the cheapest airline tickets available. Of course low fare airlines are also a good source, you just have to keep an eye on when they give the lower fares.

Be Flexible. When looking for those cheap flights you should be flexible with your departing and arrival times. In general Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are usually the cheapest days to fly. Those days of the week are usually less crowded which means the airlines will try and fill their empty seats by offering cheaper airline tickets. The other scenario where you are most likely to get cheap flights is if you fly late nights, early mornings and flights that make at least one stop before reaching its destination. The late night flights are called "red eye" flights in airline jargon. If you are trying to fly from New York to San Diego, then catching a flight that leaves at 11pm and makes a stop at Omaha, Nebraska on its way will most likely be cheaper than a flight that leaves at 8 am and travels non-stop.

Ask Around. When you shop for a discount airfare ask the airline if there are any package deals available, like car rentals or discount on hotel rooms that come with the airline ticket. Don't hesitate to ask if the ticket you found is the cheapest one available and ask the reservation clerk about other possible options. If you have access to the Internet check different web sites and make comparisons. Another option is the ticket consolidator. Ticket consolidators will buy bulk amount of tickets and then sell them at a discount to help the airlines fill up their seats. Finding them is easy; most newspapers will have a section in the advertisement section called "Ticket Consolidators".

Early Bird Gets the Deal. Most airlines whether it's a low cost or a major airline will sell cheap tickets if you buy them well in advance of the departure date. Of course this means you will have to make plans and commit 1-2 months in advance, this is especially true for summer holiday time and flights that operate during Christmas time. If you have accumulated frequent flyer miles then keep in mind that during these busy months airlines will often "blackout" those miles to accommodate other paying passengers.

Stand By and Stick with One. There is also the option of traveling as a "stand by" passenger especially during off-season times. Although this is a little bit risky as the flight could get full or even over booked leaving you with the cheap ticket but having to wait for another available flight. Try to stay with one airline when traveling, as this will help you get better to and from rates with them.

Source by Joseph Lawsomier

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