Greece Issued NOTAM for Israeli Military Exercise On EgyptAir MS804 Flight Path
According to NOTAM A0992 / 16 issued by the Greek authorities, the Israeli air force has committed a large area within the Athens FIR, to do exercises from May until early June.
More specifically, as you can see on the interactive map of, Israel has committed a very great extent, which lies south of Crete and north of Africa line from Alexandria Egypt area up and Benghazi in Libya.

According to NOTAM A0992 / 16 in Athens, Greece grants this periochig an Israeli exercise provided be filed normally flight plans by Israeli aircraft, in accordance with international regulations, to be in contact with Athens and continuously monitor the hazard rate in the event that something extraordinary occurred.
This Puts the Israeli and US Military right underneath the flight path and the first ones on the scene. Once more, theses same two military groups were also on the ground in Egypt right under the Russian flight that went down in the Sinai. I think that speaks volumes! 2 Military groups caught under 2 flights that go down connected to Egypt! Actions speak louder than words!

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Ισραήλ: Άσκηση στο FIR Αθηνών νότια Κρήτης και δίπλα στη Λιβύη – ΝΟΤΑΜ

US and Israel Conducted “War Games” In the Vicinity of the Russian Plane Crash Location

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