Griffon Raw 2015 – All rockets, all flights, all views (Pure sound, no cuts)

Enjoy a compilation of every single Griffon flight this year (There are two Griffons: Ikaruga and Phosphora) from every angle captured in its most raw, uncut form, with the audio cleaned up to sound as “real” as possible.

Project Condore is a rocketry program attempting to develop a shuttle-type small-to-mid-scale aircraft capable of functioning as a rocket, lifting off vertically, but also capable of cruising, or gliding back in piloted flight before ejecting an aft parachute at around 300ft, just like most rockets end their flights. For added convenience given rockets can fly high enough to hinder visibility, an FPV station has been developed to perform the return cruise using a joystick and rudder pedals with direct video for true Visual Flight Reference.

The Griffon is the first successfully developed model of such aircraft, and a larger one may appear in the plans in the near future.

Stay tuned, because these twin rockets are bound to see way more stick time!

Motors used in these rockets, in order of strength: CTI I218 White Thunder (3), CTI I165 C-Star, CTI J244 White, CTI J293 Blue Streak, CTI J145 Skidmark


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