Ground crew worker sucked into jet engine and dies instantly, Indian woman tries to buy AR-15 ammo

An Air India service engineer was killed when he was sucked into the engine of an aircraft at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai on Wednesday night. Air India Flight 619, en route to Hyderabad from Mumbai, was being pushed back from the parking bay before takeoff at around 8:40 p.m. Wednesday evening. An eyewitness told The Indian Express that it appeared the co-pilot mistook a signal as clearance for departure and started the engine.

Saudi multimillionaire Ehsan Abdulaziz, who claims he tripped and fell at an angle that allowed his ding dong to accidentally penetrate the hoohah of a teenaged girl, has been acquitted of the rape charge against him.

Indian-American woman Sim Sangha was questioned by police for inquiring about gun ammunition at a store in California and says she felt she was singled out by authorities because of how she looked.

It wasn't curiosity that killed the cat. In this case, it was a police officer. Animal lover Tom Newhart is demanding police take action after his missing kitty was killed by a cop called to rescue the feline.

Houston man Vidal Valladares Navas enlisted the help of friends and blocked traffic along I-45, a major Houston freeway. He asked his girlfriend to exit the car with him, got down on one knee and proposed as his friends filmed.

Police have released surveillance footage showing a smartly-dressed man robbing a Starbucks in Garland, Texas.

When pastor Tom Smith volunteered to act as an attacker for a scenario during a firearms safety class, he probably didn't think he'd actually get shot. Smith was attending the class earlier this month, where instructor Phillip Rushing was teaching with a rubber gun at the Personal Protection Institute in Modesto on December 5.

his video shows the devastating moment a missile fired by Syrian rebels connects with an unknown enemy target — sending bodies flying and survivors scurrying for cover. The footage, purportedly filmed in Southern Aleppo, appears to show a Syrian rebel taking aim with a BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile.

Brooklyn Civil Court Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo has sparked controversy after footage of her being sworn in while using the Koran to take the oath of office on December 10 was posted on Facebook.

A cyclist in Poland decided to bypass a red light placed in front of railroad tracks, only for a speeding train to be flying across them at that very moment.

A Southwest plane rolled off the runway after landing at Nashville International Airport on Tuesday evening. The Boeing 737 aircraft, Southwest Flight 31, was carrying 133 passengers and five crewmembers on board. The plane was travelling from Houston Hobby Airport to Nashville International Airport, the Tennessean reported.

A city in Michigan is thirsty for justice after a large number of residents began suffering from severe lead poisoning, an issue which prompted city officials to declare a state of emergency on Monday night.

Philip Chism, the Massachusetts teen who stood trial for allegedly raping and killing his high school math teacher Colleen Ritzer when he was 14, was convicted for first-degree murder on Tuesday.


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