Hammerhead FPV Joy Flight

It is almost impossible to imagine I was flying a mini quadcopter here, cause it flew and behaved like a normal sized quadcopter on this setup. It was smooth on the sticks and pretty fast and agile with the new 3S setup.
Cobra motors did a great job. Found a nice and peacefull place and extreme fun. This is the last 4 minutes of one of the flights where I enjoyed the most.

- Hammerhead nano (prototype from http://www.eyefly.info)
- Naze32 acro
- Hobbyking Blue Series 12A ESCs (SimonK firmware)
- Cobra 2204-32 1960kv motors with Long Bolt-On Prop Adapter(http://www.multirotorparts.nl/motors/cobra/cobra-2204-32-multirotor-editie-met-m5-schroefdraad-adapter.html)
- Gemfan 5030 2 blade nylon props
- 1.3ghz 200mW Vtx (stock lawmate antenna)
- Pololu Stepup Regulator
- Sony PZ0420 Sony SuperHAD 600 FPV camera
- Mobius HD recorder (standard lens)
- 3S 1300mAh 35C nanotech

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