Hawk Fast Jet Low flying over Cornwall and Wales, includes bombing and live strafing run.

In 1994, after completing a database development project for the RAF using FileMaker Pro, my colleague Nigel Fox and I, who had been working on the same project, were rewarded with a flight in a Hawk Fast Jet during a training exercise.

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Recently, after learning that Lewis Hamilton of F1 fame, had a flight in a Hawk, I decided to dig out the video and make it available for people to see. The aircraft fly as low as 250ft over land and 100ft above the sea. There is a practice bombing run and a live firing strafing run. This really is not to be missed. I’ve tried to put it to some suitable music.

We covered around 400 miles and flew around Devon, Cornwall and South Wales and across to Worcester.

I can’t thank the RAF enough for one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

I hope you enjoy it!


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