[HD] Air Jamaica/Caribbean Airlines Flight #11 to New York (MBJ-JFK) B737-800

This video shows BW flight 011 with non-stop service from Montego Bay to New York JFK Airport on December 14, 2011. Route took us over Freeport, Bahamas, Willmington, Delaware and Atlantic City,NJ. Meal included a Chicken or Turkey Sandwich with 2 snacks IIRC. Movie was Larry Crowne. Flown by Aircraft reg: 9Y-JME and I was seated at seat 14F. Really nice to know that they had RECARO seats. Departed MBJ at Gate 5 and arrived at Gate A7B in JFK I think. We parked beside a company B737 from POS reg. 9Y-SXM and 2 LAN B767-300ER W/L aircraft at Gates 3 and 5. In this video there is also Spirit Airlines A320 on its way to FLL and a Air Jamaica Boeing 737-800 9Y-JMB going to PHL from Gate 4. If you ever travel Caribbean Airlines or Air Jamaica it's best you do Web-Check to save you a whole lot of time at the counter. Remember to Subscribe! Thumbs Up and Leave a comment! Also in 3D for a little while too.


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