Headed to Australia – The Must See Sights!

If you're headed to Australia, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of things to do on the continent. No matter how many times you have traveled there, you will find that there are endless attractions in the Land Down Under.

One way to experience the rugged Australian Outback is on the rails! The Indian Pacific Train offers visitors a three-day trip across the Outback. This trip is so inspiring that it has made the list of the top train trips in the world. The route takes you between Perth and Sydney, and you'll be amazed by the vastness of this undeveloped land.

In Sydney, do not limit yourself to the traditional tourist activities such as seeing the Opera House or spending a week lazing on the beach. One of the most charming places to visit in Sydney is The Rocks, which is an historic neighborhood complete with cobblestones and colonial architecture.

If you would like to see some of the flora of Australia, head to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Here you can stroll leisurely through rose gardens and glass houses, breathing in the fragrance of the beautiful flowers. Take your camera to capture some shots of the colorful foliage.

No trip to Australia is complete without seeing the Great Barrier Reef. You can scuba dive or snorkel with the world's most colorful fish in the warm waters off the coast. Taking a helicopter tour is a great way to get the full experience of the vastness of the Reef. If you do don scuba gear, keep your eyes peeled for giant clams! There are some clams in these waters that may be bigger than you are!

One of the characteristics of Australia that draws so many visitors is the fact that it is so diverse in its geographic features. If you visit Queensland, you can experience a lush rainforest! The Wet Tropics Rainforest is one of the best places to visit in Queensland. You can hike through the jungle, take a guided four-wheeler trip, or even enjoy a parasailing trip over the tops of the trees.

If you want to experience a touch of the Aboriginal life of Australia, head to Kimberley. This area is characterized by red mountain ranges, and as you explore these mountains, you will find many examples of aboriginal rock art. Kimberley also boasts several gorgeous waterfalls and beaches. If you really want to delve into Aboriginal history, you must see Ayers Rock National Park. This giant red stone is steeped in local lore and history.

To experience the coast of Australia, take a drive on the Great Ocean Road. This drive will show you some of the country's most beautiful beaches, as well as some of the highest peaks on the continent. You will be awed by the Twelve Apostles, a formation made by twelve pillars of Australian red rock. These twelve mountains stand alone in the Southern Ocean, making for a great photo opportunity.

These are just a few of the many things to do in Australia. If you are planning to see it all, you'd better plan to stay for a year or even two! When planning an Australian vacation, your best bet is to pick out three or four main things that you want to see, and then sit back, enjoy the local culture, and have a g'day!

Source by Gary A. Smith

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